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2022/01/06 09:54:11 (permalink)
So with AMD announcing the upcoming AM5 7000 series CPU's, I am wondering if this time around that EVGA might actually put out motherboards for this platform alongside all the other manufacturers instead of waiting until the platform is almost about to migrate to yet another chipset.

I have always loved EVGA and AMD, but can't believe that EVGA waited so long in the current AMD AM4 life cycle to put out a motherboard for them. 

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    Re: AM5 Motherboards 2022/01/06 10:23:10 (permalink)
    It is difficult to say what EVGA will do in 2022. You'll need to keep your eye on the EVGA website and Twitter should EVGA announce anything new.

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    Re: AM5 Motherboards 2022/01/06 20:56:31 (permalink)
    Z690 has been out for a little while now and EVGA still hasn’t officially listed their z690 boards and all of their specs. I would suspect that this trend will continue and any AM5 mobo from evga will be very late to the party.
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    Re: AM5 Motherboards 2022/01/13 06:10:26 (permalink)
    My guess would be depends on how well the X570 board sells currently? Obviously there will always be a late release of an intel board for every new chipset.
    But since they just came back to AMD if the X570 didn't sell well maybe they wont bother to release whatever the new AMD chipset ends up being.
    But i hope they do release one for the platform

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    Re: AM5 Motherboards 2022/01/14 11:15:03 (permalink)
    I'd like to hear from EVGA if AM5 is on their product roadmap.  
    EVGA won my business through this RTX30XX fiasco.  I will gladly wait to get my AM5 offering from EVGA.  
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