5'3" case to keep it quiet for Surround sound, and my game room.

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2020/11/26 04:38:32 (permalink)
All of this is a mess and work in progress... 
The room is my mini gym, office, and most of all, game room
I game on 5.1 surround sound (that I'm hoping to make 7.1). The noise from my case was always annoying so I made one to compensate.
It stands 5'3" and is insanely heavy, and decently quiet. With the Corsair H100i at 100%, the EVGA 2080ti fans at 100%, and the 2x AC Infinity 6" at a setting 2/10, the room sits around 44db. (With the AC infinity's at 10/10 it's just loud, like 60db an the curtains start falling off). I'm not a woodworker, and hey it works so I'm happy with it. Need to put some stickers on it or something.... The grey you see on the ground is foam pads for working out, and it feels good on the feet.
I separate discord/game chat from the surround. If you look at the glow behind the monitor you will notice 2 small speakers. Makes hearing the game and the voice much more distinct. You'll also notice my second monitor is under my desk. It's a portable 4k monitor, so it's thin, and does what it needs to do. I mounted it with a Joy factory Vesa Arm.
The room specs are
65" Sony Oled A8H
Yamaha RX-760
4x Klipsch RP-280F
1x Klipsch RP-250C
1x Klipsch R-115sw
Mini fridge's, Concept D Row Machine, Xbox, Apple Tv, weights, bench, etc etc...

I work here: Imac Pro, Dell 27" 5k UP2715k, 22" 4k LG 22MD4kA-B:

But below is my baby:
EVGA X299 Dark
i9-9900x / Corsair H100i
Corsair 16GB (2x8) 3000 CL16, but I just ordered G.Skill 32GB (4x8) 4000 CL15
EVGA 2080ti Black, but I also just ordered a 3090 Kingpin.
Corsair AX1600i
2x Samsung 850 Evo 1TB
1x Samsung 850 Pro 500GB
A Ton of Wood
2x AC Infinity 6" fans
LG 4k 27GN950-B 144hz (Soon to be 160hz after firmware update)
Also ordered some Cablemod extension PSU cables to clean it up in there a bit. I'd like to add more sound proofing inside around the fans, and above the fan areas... You'll notice the pins you can unscrew to get to the back of the GPU / Motherboard area. Also the front doesn't cover all the way, that's where the air comes in at the bottom 1ft, above the wood board. Also need to add some air filters below and above... someday...

Hopefully this is all cool and not that lame... Happy Thanksgiving!
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