3080ti ftw3 clock speed issues

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2021/11/30 03:39:40 (permalink)
So I have been having issues with the clocks speeds on my card for a while now. Previously I couldnt get it to go above 210mhz. Turned out Afterburner randomly decided to set the power limit to 0, changed it back to 100 and the card ran fine for a month. Today I have started having a similar issue in that the clock wont go above 800~mhz. I checked afterburner and x1 and everything was set to stock settings. I tried uninstalling them all together and no change. Power draw never goes above 120w even when it's at 1800mhz. Changing the nvidia power management to max performance just locks the clock at 1800 but fps is nowhere near where it was before today. I really hope I don't have to RMA this thing. 

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    Re: 3080ti ftw3 clock speed issues 2021/11/30 11:02:42 (permalink)
    Use windows system restore to restore your system to a day when everything was working correctly.

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    Re: 3080ti ftw3 clock speed issues 2021/11/30 20:35:06 (permalink)
    ^^^^ This....as well you should avoid having both msi ab and PX1 loaded at the same time....one or the other.

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