3080 Ti XC3 Fan Bearing Noise

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2021/10/13 21:59:30 (permalink)
Hi all, I've had a 3080 Ti XC3 for the past two weeks and all of a sudden I'm now getting what I can only describe as a "Hard Drive Seeking" sound coming from the card. After closer inspection it appears to be caused by excessive vibration of the card when the fans either engage after being off, or when ramping the fans up in speed (typically appear at certain fan percentages such as 37% fan speed) and i assume it is vibration of the bearings themselves.

Is this typical of these cards or is it better to send it in for RMA?

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    Re: 3080 Ti XC3 Fan Bearing Noise 2021/10/14 04:49:57 (permalink)
    Welcome to the fan noise club! Not sure what’s up with some of these EVGA 3000 series cards, but several users, myself included, have experienced similar noises at certain fan speeds. What seems to work for my 3080 is setting the fans to 100% or using the card under a load that cranks their RPM up rather high. Once the RPM comes back down, the noise seems to subside. Definitely seems like a cheap bearing issue since no fan blades are hitting anything.


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    Re: 3080 Ti XC3 Fan Bearing Noise 2021/10/14 04:53:27 (permalink)
    Are you sure its not coil whine?

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    Re: 3080 Ti XC3 Fan Bearing Noise 2021/10/14 09:32:57 (permalink)
    Yeah this is definitely a known issue with no fix in sight according to tech support.  I'd still report the problem to them anyways just so they know it continues to be a problem. 
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