2nd 1080ti sc2, artifacting and crashing

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2018/07/12 10:38:29 (permalink)
sooo..... i got a replacement from EVGA advacned RMA (very painless great customer service)
ran it in my system
cannot complete a full unigine heaven run
display driver failed to respond (black screen, crash to desktop, sometimes hard lock)
core 5 6600k, asus z170ar
16gb gskill aegis
samsung evo 850m.2 500gb sata
acer 27' 1440p 144hz gsync
corsair 1000w powersupply
clean installed windows, running only display driver, still got crashing, stock clocks everything
replaced it with a evga 1600w p2 powersupply , thinking it's a power issue,
everytime the cards power usage hits 100 percent, or high load happens the card crashes or becomes unstable
power supply works fine and tested confirmed it's all good, but card still has issues, so i throttled down to 80 percent power target and was able to play but with alot of micro stuttering
went as far as going with a new everything just to be sure
mobo cpu and ram replaced with
i7 8700k, 32gb skill aegis (even swapped back in the 16 corsairs just to be sure),asus z370 strix-e
completely new system , only thing that hasn't been swapped out is the monitor , which i will be trying later this week....
what are the odds of getting another bad 1080ti sc2? even looking and browsing the forums i see someone else has just as much bad luck
current build of windows  1803 and most current drivers, i even messed around and ddu'd to 388 nvidia drivesr, and it would still have issues, 398 drivers are the worst with the crashes and artifacting
the card straight up crashes in debug mode when gaming so what now ? RMA the card again?
attached is a picture of the artifacting when playing division while it was in debug mode

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    Re: 2nd 1080ti sc2, artifacting and crashing 2018/07/12 10:41:31 (permalink)
    the card straight up crashes in debug mode when gaming so what now ? RMA the card again?


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    Re: 2nd 1080ti sc2, artifacting and crashing 2018/07/12 11:55:26 (permalink)
    Hello sirsycott! I am sorry to hear about the issue and am following up with your forum post. As we discussed through our chat service, an Advanced RMA has been submitted for you and is waiting to be approved. Once it is approved, you will receive e-mails with further instructions for processing the RMA. I apologize for the issue once again and if you have any further questions please feel free to contact us at anytime.

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    Re: 2nd 1080ti sc2, artifacting and crashing 2018/07/12 12:47:37 (permalink)
    2 bad cards is pretty unlucky ..... but that picture is either a  bad card , bad cable or bad monitor 

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