11G-P4-2489-KR Availability

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2019/02/15 14:13:24 (permalink)
Good day all,
I was wondering if anyone has any idea how long the 11G-P4-2489-KR will be out of stock. It's the 2080Ti with the pre-installed waterblock. I have of course been signed up on the auto-notify list for a while now, but wondered if there is even a rough idea of when it might be back in stock? The other 2080ti's with the hybrid and AIO coolers have come in and out of stock but this one seems to stay gone. Trying to make decisions for a pending upgrade and wish i knew if it was going do be days, weeks, or months before this comes back into availability. Even a rough idea would help. Would hate to go to a non EVGA card but really want to get this old 970 in my rig out and get something new in. The new 1440p 144hz monitor has pushed the old workhorse 970-SLI pair too hard and it cant keep a decent frame-rate to save its life on even mid-range settings these days.

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    Re: 11G-P4-2489-KR Availability 2019/04/17 04:53:47 (permalink)
    Hi swytch451,
    We don't have an estimated restock date, unfortunately. The product is definitely still in production so I would assume it will be restocked within the upcoming weeks, but we just don't have a date to provide. I apologize for any inconvenience.
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