1070 SC / One fan stuck on max

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2017/10/01 08:36:25 (permalink)
Hi i've been having problems with my gpu recently.

Whenever i put any form of load on the gpu one fan goes mad while the other sits stationary.
When i remove the load off the gpu the fan stays on even though temp is below 30. If i restart the machine the fan stays on but if i do a full shutdown it's okay next start up.
I'm unable to manually change fan speed.
I have checked the the fan speeds on afterburner and it shows 0 rpm, i do not have any custom fan curves set up. (only monitoring software currently installed)

I have removed all video card drivers using DDU and reinstalled fresh - no effect on issue
Card is up to date: 
Display driver : 385.69
I have changed socket and cable on psu

Can anybody help me out?
Appreciate any help thanks.   


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    Re: 1070 SC / One fan stuck on max 2017/10/01 15:24:33 (permalink)
    #1 Remove GPU fan shroud and make sure the GPU fan cable is fully seated and secure to the GPU PCB fan header.
    #2 Make sure the card is fully seated to the MB. Make sure the PCI-E power cables are fully seated and secure at the PSU side & GPU side.
    #3 Uninstall all monitoring software. (Precision, Afterburner, Speedfan, HWMonitor, etc.)
    #4 Perform a clean installation of the most recent video drivers:
    • Uninstall Precision X/MSI Afterburner if installed, make sure to select "no" to saving profiles if asked.  Reboot the PC now if you had to uninstall PX or Afterburner.
    • Use DDU (Display driver uninstaller) in safe mode to clean out all your nvidia drivers. Use the clean and restart (highly recommended) option.
    • Download & save the most recent graphics driver to your desktop. You can find the most recent graphics driver here.
    • Run the graphics installer located on your desktop once the download is complete.
    • Select custom advanced install, under custom installation options uncheck all options except graphics driver & physx system software, if you have a 3D capable monitor and would like to use 3D at some point please select both 3D options, check mark perform clean install, then click next to install the driver, reboot when asked.
    If you're still having problems after performing steps 1-4 RMA the card as the fan controller on the GPU has a problem.

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    Re: 1070 SC / One fan stuck on max 2017/10/02 04:28:32 (permalink)
    Thanks for the reply, i bet you're sick of this problem haha
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    Re: 1070 SC / One fan stuck on max 2017/10/02 21:55:06 (permalink)
    Thanks for the reply, i bet you're sick of this problem haha

    LOL. I don't think he minds at all. Just another helpful Mod.      =)

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    Re: 1070 SC / One fan stuck on max 2019/11/18 19:10:16 (permalink)
    having the exact same issue wonder if the member ever fixed his issue
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    Re: 1070 SC / One fan stuck on max 2019/11/20 13:04:30 (permalink)
    I saw this exact problem just last night with a 1080Ti SC2, even after following most of Sajin's steps (I installed Geforce experience and did not configure the Nvidia installer to do a clean installation). That single fan is so loud. Man it's annoying when it does that. Installing Precision X1 did not help, because Precision X1 was not even detecting any fan RPM from the first fan, which was running and close to 100%.
    The good news is that after about half an hour or more, the problem resolved itself without any intervention from me. I was actually on hold waiting for EVGA support when it fixed itself.
    All this leads me speculatively wonder if there is a problem with the Nvidia driver communicating with the chip on the graphics card that controls the fan. It seems as something (I presume the driver) has to reset that fan control chip for it to function effectively.
    Edit: also consider shutting down the PC instead of just a reboot. That may also help. I don't know for sure.
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