1060 or 980?

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2021/11/30 07:13:34 (permalink)
Hi, I have the option to get a GTX 1060 6GB SC for $210 or a GTX 980 Classified for $160.

Not so concerned about the price, but after trying to research which is overall the better performer, I kinda give up and want to ask the experts here.

So, yeah, which card is faster for 1440p gaming with 16GB RAM and a 5600x? Thanks! 😊🙏

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    Re: 1060 or 980? 2021/11/30 07:49:31 (permalink)
    They are both very close in performance actually. However the 6GB VRAM on the GTX 1060 will give it an edge at 1440p in modern games, though I'm not sure that's worth another $50 as they will both be showing their age with higher settings at that resolution. I'd ask myself "how long do I plan to use either?" and if the answer is less than 6 months or so, just buy the cheaper GTX 980, if closer to a year go with the GTX 1060. 

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